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How it Works?

How it works
fı, provides you with deals everyday that you cannot miss out on, with discounts of 50% or more.( For example, an airplane ticket for 50 TL instead of 100TL) and a firsatada crazy deal every month such as a mobile phone for 300TL instead of 1000TL. Every day before the daily deal ends a number of persons will have to purchase the deal. If the minimum members purchase the deal, the deal becomes activated and the coupons are sent to the members. This way, deals that cannot be bought individually can be purchased through as long as the minimum number of members purchase.
How it works?
1) In order to take advantage of the daily deal press the “Buy now” button.
2) Enter in the number of deals that you wish to purchase.
3) Finally, enter your credit card details and press the “Proceed2 button. Your purchase is finalised.
4) The coupon code number of the deal that you have purchased will be sent to the telephone and email address that you would have provided when registering to be a member. The only thing that you need to do is provide the coupon code when making a reservation and make use of the deal.

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